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Podcast Episodes

Every weekday, Jesse Liebman posts a new episode taking on the daily challenge of examining philosophical and social norms in an effort to help open your own personal curiosity and discovery.

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Philosophies on Gift Giving



Setting Priorities

Cubs Break The Streak

Leveraging Credit Cards for Cash Back & Points

Changing, Forming & Solidifying Habits

Paying Student Athletes

The Lost Art of Phone Calls

A Home Cooked Meal

How to Have a Successful Workout

25 lbs. of Excuses

Motivational Football Speeches

The Necessity of Fellowship


Making Mistakes

Our Materialistic Society Ways

Learning to Cook as an Adult

Aligning & Collaborating Your Decision Making Process

Being a Guest

Learning to Relax

First Impressions

Settling: Finding What’s Best

Can You Feel The Passion?

The Difference Between Having Fun & Being Serious

Having The Full Perspective

Time is All We Have

Being An Influencer — Regardless of Your Status

Taking The Leap of Faith

Busy Just To Be Busy

Our Attention Aint What It Used To Be

The Seasonality of Moods & Momentum

To Be Real – We’ve Got To Be Real

In a World of Pure Imagination

You’re Not a Quitter, Are You?

The Pursuit of Selflessness

Communication Breakdown: A More Responsive You

#Squad: Who’s in your Crew?

If You’re Lazy & You Know It Clap Your Hands

The Art of Listening & Why We All Suck at It

Self Awareness

The Pendulum Effect