Developing Your Perspective Through Cultural Experiences


Gaining unique and individual perspective on life is often developed through personalized experiences. For each and every one of us, this is unique, yet develops us into the people we have become today

This episode analyzes how cultural experiences can help develop your perspective allowing you to become a more adaptable individual to whatever life throws at you.

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Show Notes

  • Perceptions are that adaptability is tied to being culture [02:48]
  • Jeff Flowers background [03:34]
  • The requirement of learning to interact with a diverse group of people [04:33]
  • The ability to get along with everyone [05:22]
  • We have lost the ability to communicate with each other [06:58]
  • How Jeff advises his kids to leverage Facebook to have conversations with people [07:50]
  • Having the ability to start a conversation [10:03]
  • He’s in sales [12:35]
  • Learning to be comfortable while you’re uncomfortable having conversations with people [16:37]
  • Having the ability to spend time overseas [18:15]
  • The awareness and understanding of being in another culture [20:24]
  • Not getting wrapped around the axel [23:32]
  • Get out of the country and travel if you have the opportunity [24:34]
  • Traveling at age 24 in Las Vegas all alone [27:32]
  • The ability to adapt [31:42]

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