Everyone’s sense of humor is a little different, but the term Schadenfreude is one that applies to only select individuals.

This episode discusses what Schadenfreude means and how you can enjoy life through humor and friendship with your friends.

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Show Notes

  • Avenue Q song Schadenfreude [01:41]
  • Why Mike Efird loves watching others fail [03:25]
  • Katarina asks why are things so funny? [06:14]
  • I’m an Asshole [06:45]
  • I enjoy when something is embarrassing [10:05]
  • Why is bathroom humor so funny for males and not females [11:16]
  • Love making fun of each other and ourselves [13:17]
  • Mike Efird eats a ham sandwich [14:49]
  • How can you laugh about the same thing so often? [17:51]
  • The wall of smell [19:21]
  • We cry a lot, but we have fun and it’s infectious [21:07]
  • Life is too short to not laugh [22:57]
  • Being a highly judgemental person [23:30]
  • Fighting for the magic moments of humor [25:34]
  • Not taking yourself too seriously [27:08]
  • The elixir to the seriousness of life is to laugh [29:52]
  • How to raise your kid [31:07]
  • Laughter is the best form of medicine [32:45]
  • Being in the moment and the enjoyment of the situation [34:34]
  • Finding your group to be a part of and better your temperament [36:46]

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