Effiecny is a skill and technique that comes with time and experience. The ability to be clear, concise and to the point is not only appreciated, but one of the most commendered abilities.

This episode discusses what it takes to exhibit brevity in each and every activity we do and the neccessary methods it takes to levearge this ability consistently.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What’s your personal ability to leverage brevity? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • Being clear, concise and straight to the point [01:41]
  • Having the ability to be efficient with your thoughts and your spoken word [02:55]
  • How long episodes of Pause. Think. Consider typically take [03:52]
  • Having the ability to anticipate and become increasingly more efficient as a result of experience [05:40]
  • Exhibiting brevity within any activity [08:10]
  • You have to work at it in order to have the ability to adapt and leverage brevity [09:52]
  • How do you get from point A to point B? [11:10]
  • You have to do the exact opposite of brevity in order to figure out the most efficient method [12:05]

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