Why Made in the USA is Important

made in the usa

Unfortunately, Made in the USA products are more expensive than products that are made in third world countries. Yet, the environmental impact and labor practices that are followed to produce these third world made products are not considered for so many consumers.

This episode analyzes the impact of our purchasing dollar and how purchasing goods Made in the USA, or through resale, can boost our country’s economy, reduce the unemployment rate, have a positive impact on our environment and encourage fair worker wages and working environments. 

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What is your thoughts on Made in the USA goods? Please let me know in the comments.

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Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes

  • Made in the USA is making a comeback  [01:33]
  • Made in the USA is just a fad [2:05]
  • Do your own fact checking [3:07]
  • The True Costs Documentary: The affects of producing goods overseas [4:17]
  • Large corporations are all about profits [6:21]
  • Our purchasing habits for Christmas [7:28]
  • The impact on the US job market from Christmas purchases [8:03]
  • Supporting in-house and local instead of sweat shop ridden work environments [9:26]
  • The wheat industry example and its environmental impact [10:08]
  • Why our goods are so cheap when manufactured overseas [12:04]
  • We as consumers have encouraged US based businesses to seek greater profits by getting as high quality product as possible for as cheap as possible [12:41]
  • We believe we’re more wealthy and superior as a result of materialism — Yet it actually makes us poorer [13:51]
  • How Nike leverages marketing to create desire [15:07]
  • You need to do your own research on the products you purchase [17:31]
  • I either try to buy consumer goods either Made in the USA or resale [19:00]
  • By purchasing resale it prevents net new products to be introduced to the market [19:44]
  • Vote with your dollar [20:17]
  • How aware are you of where the products you purchase come from? [20:42]
  • Third world countries had their own production markets and then the US came into the market and pulled a Walmart [21:27]
  • We would be outraged if what occurs in third world countries happened in the US for work environments [22:32]
  • There has to be a demand for specific product categories for them to be produced in the USA [23:34]
  • Shinola watches produced in the USA [26:13]
  • Buying quality, not quantity [29:17]
  • Our environmental impact as a result of buying quantity over quality [31:06]
  • Each and every purchase you made is a vote for the environmental impact and the labor practices [34:52]
  • If you can’t convert over to Made in the USA then leverage resale for non-net new products [35:46]
  • We vote with our dollar — If you’re going to get a net-new product simply, do the research before you make the purchase [37:21]
  • By supporting Made in the USA and purchasing local it helps keep revenue in-house and grow our economy [38:32]

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