The Lost Art of Phone Calls

phone call

Technology has created a modern convenience that allows us to connect with any and everyone in the world. However, the personalization of that communication has decreased as technology has become more adopted.

This episode examines the significance of a phone call and how despite the modern convenience of email, we should leverage calling someone more often than we currently choose to.

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Show Notes

  • Technology has provided us opportunities to connect with any and everyone [03:11]
  • The social experiment of leveraging a phone call instead of email communication [06:31]
  • We’d all rather send someone an email than to pick up the phone and call someone [08:39]
  • What are we losing out on by not calling someone on the phone?  [09:05]
  • Advertising is all about finding ways to connect with your audience and trying to make things more personal [13:55]
  • The Challenge: Find once a week, an opportunity where it’s possible to call the individual, and instead of sending a text or email, pick up the phone and call them instead [16:44]

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