A Home Cooked Meal

Home Cooked Meal

There’s nothing like a home cooked meal and yet, too often we spring for convenience instead of taking the time to produce a meal ourselves.

This episode examines convenience, time, financial impact, health benefits and the camaraderie you can gain from producing home cooked meals instead of eating out.

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Show Notes

  • Cooking has gained popularity thanks to Food Network and social media [03:52]
  • We’ve become very foodie, you don’t need cooking to be in your family blood to learn it [04:28]
  • It’s not necessary to go to culinary school to learn to become a cook anymore [06:27]
  • The elasticity of supply and demand [09:02]
  • The convenience of cooking at home versus eating out [09:49]
  • Where are you willing to put your time in? [10:59]
  • The financial impact of making a home cooked meal [12:18]
  • You can control your health more from the ingredients you use with a home cooked meal [17:47]
  • The camaraderie that eating home cooked meals will provide [25:21]

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