How to Have a Successful Workout

How to Have a Successful Workout

Getting in shape and accomplishing your personal fitness goals are important, but how do you achieve success?

This episode discusses how to structure and create your workout out routine to help ensure you’re successful no matter how you define it.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What’s your most successful workout routine? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • A successful workout is going to be different for every single person [02:27]
  • If we were all motivated we wouldn’t need personal trainers [02:48]
  • Building pre-programmed workouts [05:38]
  • Finding out everything that’s going on with someone before the workout [05:53]
  • A great workout takes you from point A to point B to achieve a desired result [08:19]
  • You need to have a goal, but your workout plan may change depending on what you need for that day [08:47]
  • Being efficient with your workouts versus taking hours to do your workout [11:30]
  • HIIT workouts instead of Crossfit [13:09]
  • How is success quantified when it comes to time duration with your workouts? [14:08]
  • You really shouldn’t take longer than an hour, warm up and cool down included, for your workout duration [15:06]
  • Live your life in couplets and triplets [16:12]
  • Your body relies on the rest more than it necessarily relies on the workout [16:24]
  • What is a good pre-game and post-game to ensure you get the most out of your workout? [19:35]
  • It’s not about pre-game or post-game it’s about changing your lifestyle [23:08]
  • Your mindset is everything [34:43]
  • You need to participate in on-going regularly occurring continuing education [36:38]
  • Being an expert at something is just knowing more than someone else does [43:31]
  • Share your knowledge — Knowledge is a gift [44:26]
  • Those that are able to teach something help reinenforce your knowledge [47:06]

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