25 Lbs. of Excuses

25 lbs. of excuses

Too often, in the world of fitness, personal trainers hear excuse after excuse for why we haven’t accomplished our personal goals. Instead of finding ways to progress forward, we find reasons to explain the situation we’re currently in.

This episode discusses why we make excuses, how stubbornness affects us and what we can do to get the body we want.

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Show Notes

  • A personal trainer is a physiologist, ensures your healthy and is a motivator [01:44]
  • If we were all motivated we wouldn’t need personal trainers [02:48]
  • Mike Efird’s background of how we got into personal training [04:57]
  • How Chris Powell is able to break down mental barriers [08:24]
  • Mike seeing his clients break down their own walls and overcoming their personal barriers [09:57]
  • Individuals that are stubborn from inactivity versus people that stubborn with too much activity [11:50]
  • The woman who lost four inches as a result of not working out [13:20]
  • Guys that aren’t able to leave their pride at the door [17:32]
  • Crossfit and the motivation of crossfit athlete’s to progress as fast as possible [18:18]
  • Woman often have emotional ties to food make excuses for why they can’t do things [19:20]
  • Having 25 lbs of excuses and seeing it on a daily basis in the personal trainer industry [22:09]
  • Adaptability and learning to be comfortable while you’re uncomfortable [24:49]
  • Sometimes adapting can be good thing or a bad thing [25:15]
  • Changing your eating lifestyle [27:40]
  • The amount of land we need to produce the food we consume [29:27]
  • Jesse and his mind and body’s inability to adapt and changing his eating routine to the Leptin Diet [29:57]
  • Nutrition is 90% of the battle with weight loss and working out [37:07]
  • The fat adaptive lifestyle and its sustainability [38:08]
  • The Hashimoto’s thyroid and adapting your lifestyle to deal with it [39:21]
  • What we all need to eat as laid out by Greg Classman  [40:14]
  • Your body’s ability to adapt not consuming sugar, what and dairy [42:17]
  • Consider your body as a big biology lab and cut the emotional ties  to eliminate bias [46:00]
  • You need to have someone you can talk to in order to hold yourself accountable [46:57]
  • You have to share the information with people in order to find your support group [50:43]
  • Setting SMART goals to ensure you follow through and don’t make excuses [51:38]

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