Silence has a way of pushing and pulling a situation in a variety of directions. However, the more time and effort we put into harnessing the power of silence can help provide profound impact we can have.

This episode examines how silence differs from noise and how each states can make an impact on our lives.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: Does silence make you feel anxious or bring you peace? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • Taking a moment to stop and consider what is going on [01:48]
  • Whitespace has a dramatic impact [02:16]
  • The wall of sound [3:20]
  • Framing specifically with silence [04:38]
  • Silence in uncomfortable especially the longer it goes [05:17]
  • The inability to be silent during the National Anthem [08:03]
  • Learning to be comfortable while you’re uncomfortable [09:39]
  • Silence is the purity of a situation action as a cleanser to the situation [11:55]
  • The daily opportunity of silence driving in the car to work [12:39]
  • The ability to relax through silence [14:36]
  • Being able lead the journey, down the path, but allowing someone else to take the step forward [17:16]
  • The power of meditation [20:26]
  • How can you frame silence to ensure you and others benefit? [22:16]

People Mentioned

  • Jean Dahlquist

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