Making Mistakes

Making Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable, but how we deal with them afterwards that helps shape our character and reliability. We can either react in a positive manner that potentially might even help your reputation post mistake, or it can be detrimental to being trustworthy.

This episode discusses various examples of both positive and negative actions taken after mistakes occurred and offers tips to have a better chance of recovering from your mistakes.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What’s your initial reaction when you make a mistake? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • Mistakes a inevitable and no one’s perfect [02:11]
  • How do we recover after a mistake is made? [03:23]
  • Andy Pettitte and his ownership of his actions [04:59]
  • Alex Rodriguez unwillingness to admit his mistakes until he was caught [08:16]
  • How Ryan Braun got an employee fired as a result of lying [10:11]
  • Amtrak and the infamous Train 188 public apology from the tragedy [12:02]
  • The catastrophic mistake former BP CEO made in his apology statement to the public [15:04]
  • Jonah Hill addresses his statements head on [16:37]
  • The overnight national scandal from Paula Deen’s usage of the N-word [19:19]
  • Are you compelled to apologize if your mistake isn’t caught in the public eye? [22:19]
  • Crisis management and having a plan in place when dealing with real-time disasters in public relations [24:28]
  • Responding as quickly as possible to ensure you’re able to deal with your crisis [25:15]
  • Third party resources on making mistakes and dealing with failure [25:47]
  • No one is a tougher critic of myself than me [28:27]
  • If there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s saying I’m sorry [29:45]
  • Dealing with a recent situation and the actions taken to mitigate the damage [30:22]
  • Don’t make excuses, own the moment through and through [36:09]
  • You’re going to disappoint people, it’s inevitable [36:58]
  • The longer you wait, the tougher it makes things [39:40]
  • Actions speak louder than words [43:03]
  • Children hold you accountable unlike anyone else; conditional behavior is all based on follow-through [44:27]
  • Careful about giving my word, but when I do it’s as good as gold [46:02]
  • Sometimes even the most unrecoverable moments can be worked through as a result of prior history [47:51]

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