Our Materialistic Society Ways

As a society, the media an other influencers push us towards what is considered a desired or even acceptable lifestyle. Yet, too often we’re not willing to take the time to pause, think and consider if what we’re told should, will actually bring us happiness.

This episode breaks down why our society has become so materialistic and what we can do to break free and create our own unique lifestyle. 

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What’s your decision making process for making a major decision? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • Wealthy individuals believe others are jealous of them [02:58]
  • It’s not their fault that they’re this rich, we wish we were in their shoes [03:38]
  • MTV Cribs influence on what our lifestyles should be [06:21]
  • Wanting to be like someone else [08:47]
  • Publications influence on what we’re supposed to have and [10:40]
  • Not being willing to be a walking advertisement [14:07]
  • Having to have a lavish lifestyle [14:42]
  • Instagram famous individuals that showcase their lifestyle [14:21]
  • Why is it we need certain things? [21:21]
  • Is life just a lease to own adventure? [23:08]
  • Three different articles on materialism [24:25]
  • What we need to do to be less materialistic [27:10]
  • Continuing to develop with each and every year becoming less materialistic [27:10]
  • Less is more, quality over quantity [29:18]
  • Jesse Liebman and his clothing experience buying his first suit [31:22]
  • The purge and limiting your choices to keep from being overwhelmed [35:05]
  • What’s the least amount of items you can go with? [37:57]
  • Making a mindset shift [40:38]
  • Experiences over items [40:48]
  • Getting a memento instead of remembering the moment [42:11]
  • First ever dinner with Jean Dahlquist [43:47]
  • Give the bird to the social norms [47:43]
  • The Tiny House Movement [48:32]
  • Digital Nomads and Independant living [56:05]

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