Learning to Cook as an Adult


Learning to cook as an adult is a much different experience than what your family taught you growing up. The possibilities are endless and yet too often we take the easy way out choosing to purchase pre-cooked or pre-packaged foods.

This episode examines how you can discover a love for cooking with tips for getting started in self exploration with food. 

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What’s your decision making process for making a major decision? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • The difference of learning to cook as an adult [03:15]
  • Making food and cooking a passion [06:08]
  • Viewing food as an experience versus viewing food as a necessity [06:58]
  • The journey with food that Jean Dahlquist took [09:48]
  • The difference between fresh personally bought and created food instead of store bought [14:03]
  • Jesse Liebman and his journey with food [14:57]
  • Leveraging the library and their cook books to open your world to cooking [23:09]
  • Learning to use the bulk section of the grocery store [25:36]
  • Wait for verification, see if things come up multiple times [23:56]
  • Have alternatives to your original decision [26:26]
  • GTS = Google that shit [27:17]
  • Using the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook [28:25]
  • The concepts from the 4-Hour Chef [30:18]
  • Seasoning you food [33:39]
  • The utilization of salt and pepper [34:02]
  • Using the spices that start with ‘C’ [35:47]
  • Learning cooking techniques with The Kitchn [37:32]
  • Define your goals of what you what to create as a newfound cook [41:54]
  • Explore as many things as you can that you create yourself instead of getting the pre-packed version [43:30]
  • Find a friend that you can share the experience of cooking with [49:36]

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