Aligning & Collaborating Your Decision Making Process


Coming to a decision, and the process we go through, is unique for every individual. When individuals have the same process as we do, it makes it an easier process, and when we have a different process it can make it more challenging.

This episode examines what types of decision making process we can have, the pros and cons of each and what we can do to ensure we’re collaborative regardless of the process we typically take.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What’s your decision making process for making a major decision? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • For big major life decisions, Jean Dahlquist uses a gut reaction for her process to decide what to do [04:13]
  • The scientific proof that showcases your ability to use intuition for making decisions [05:35]
  • You come to the same decision regardless of the process you take to get there [11:58]
  • Having as much information and time as possible to make as informed of a decision as possible [13:17]
  • How you react to your decisions you make [17:01]
  • Having a process for your process of making decisions [18:57]
  • The ability to let go [20:28]
  • Perform back research, analyze and provide research on where you got your decision from the translate you decision [23:07]
  • Wait for verification, see if things come up multiple times [23:56]
  • Have alternatives to your original decision [26:26]
  • Be observant and be flexible [30:27]

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