Being a Guest


Being a guest versus being a host has its obvious advantages, but ensuring you have a positive experience and that you’re invited back with open arms can sometimes be a challenge.

This episode discusses what it means to be a guest, the guidelines for ensuring everyone enjoys the experience and how to ensure you’re asked to be a guest again.

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Show Notes

  • Hosting is easier than being a guest [02:10]
  • Networks are built by being a host not by being a follower [03:15]
  • Being a guest is becoming more prevalent because of the economy [04:05]
  • Sometimes it’s more fun to stay at a hotel than being someone’s guest [05:07]
  • Jean Dahlquist family and the rules of being a guest [06:14]
  • Expectations of being a guest [08:37]
  • Having a negative association with having guests over [11:34]
  • Taking the approach of not expecting, taking advantage of or taking for granted being a guest [12:20]
  • The criteria that Jean Dahlquist takes for being a guest and when to bring something [17:18]
  • The longer the stay the more important it is to follow the guest etiquette [18:31]
  • Fish and visitors stink the longer they stay by Benjamin Franklin [18:51]
  • When the in-laws are coming into town and stay as a guest [25:03]
  • The first impression is really important and therefore you should bring something to share or a gift [27:25]
  • Find out the ground rules of the host [29:24]
  • You’re not trying to condition the host to be a better host – You don’t have to go back [31:54]
  • Ensure that the host enjoys the experience [33:42]

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