Learning to Relax

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Our personal passions and focus often times causes us to burn the candle at both ends figuratively speaking. Which is why finding ways to relax and unplug is paramount to being at your best.

This episode discusses how relaxation can mean something different things for different people and what you can do to ensure you relax no matter how demanding your responsibilities may be.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What’s your favorite method to relax? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • Relaxing can be done physically, mentally and emotionally [02:32]
  • Ways to physically relax [03:58]
  • Emotionally finding ways to unwind and detach yourself from the daily grind [05:10]
  • Findings way sot mentally detach yourself and turn off [06:32]
  • Jean’s views on relaxation [08:37]
  • The military way of bringing your work back home with you [10:19]
  • You never really know when you’re going to be called back in when working for the military [12:43]
  • The average military member needs two full weeks disconnected to begin to relax and feel rejuvenated [14:03]
  • Relaxing at the Vichy Springs in Ukiah, California [19:05]
  • Unwinding with no defined plan as a way to completely relax [22:04]
  • Unwinding as a way to completely relax [22:04]
  • Completely depleting yourself to exhaustion to allow yourself to relax followed by productive activities and a reward [26:39]
  • Physically detaching yourself versus completely depleting yourself in order to relax [28:19]
  • Find a common ground between relaxation and productivity to help you relax [31:58]
  • Find something that you personally can find enjoyment in [32:48]
  • Have an estimated time goal, but don’t make it ridged to allow for optimal relaxation [39:01]

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