Can You Feel The Passion?

A photo by Desi Mendoza.

What keeps you up at night? What gets you up and out of bed racing out the door to start you day? Without passion, we lose our abilities to find joy in life.

This episode examines how passion is contagious, how passion can be scientifically proven, examples of passion individuals and how can ensure you leverage your own personal passion.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What’s your current personal passion in life? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • Passionate people are my favorite people to surround myself with because it’s contagious [07:24]
  • Mark Cuban is the definition of a super fan [08:56]
  • The raw passion displayed by Rafa Nadal [12:44]
  • Dave Ghrol’s emotion as the frontman for the Foo Fighters [15:34]
  • Martin Luther King Jr. and his impact [17:27]
  • Why are passionate people so contagious? [19:25]
  • Netwon’s 3 Laws of Motion [19:55]
  • How do we redirect our passions to get the change we’re looking for? [22:01]
  • Lifelong passion to build a career around [23:05]
  • Following your passion is the worst career advice [24:44]
  • Find something [26:52]
  • You’re not learning if every day is a great day with no challenges [27:32]
  • You need something that gets you up in the morning that makes you fired up for each and every day [28:02]
  • Don’t loose the momentum of the mission [31:07]
  • Your passion doesn’t have to be full-time [32:52]
  • Just do it, and stop making god damn excuses to stop you [36:23]

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