The Difference Between Having Fun & Being Serious


Many individuals tend to be all or nothing struggling with finding balance between having fun and being serious. However, is that truly the best approach to fulfill our short and long term goals?

This episode debates finding a balance between having fun and being serious and why this leads to a more consistent long term approach.

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Show Notes

  • Born with the mean mug face, always looking angry and serious [02:28]
  • Other individuals always appear to be smiling constantly [03:18]
  • Is a balance the right thing? [04:30]
  • Individuals that always feel like they have to have their guard up [04:55]
  • It takes a self-realization to notice what the affects of always being serious do [06:47]
  • An inner desire to prove people wrong [09:08]
  • Wanting to prove yourself versus improve yourself [10:06]
  • Individuals that always having a zest for life [13:00]
  • Being an all or nothing type of individuals [14:07]
  • You can be balanced being a serious and fun individual [19:27]
  • You can’t have too much of a good thing [20:00]
  • What do you need to have a balance? [21:13]
  • You should have some sort of balance [22:47]
  • Movie actors and their balance [23:28]
  • Finding balance is all based on the perspective lens used [24:18]
  • Comedians are not always ‘fun and games’ [27:52]
  • Having moments in relationships that you can be serious [29:24]

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