Having The Full Perspective


It’s convenient to only examine and look at things from one perspective, but is this really the best strategy for making informed unbiased decisions?

This episode discusses how we can see all sides of the story and become multidimensional to be as well rounded as possible.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: At what moments do you find your lose perspective? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • The perspective that I’ve come to have [01:57]
  • My Father’s love for politics [03:20]
  • Always having multiple perspectives for various sources [04:30]
  • The political perspective I grew up with [05:22]
  • The multiple perspectives I was I given on a nightly basis [07:17]
  • Allowing me to see both sides of the story [08:32]
  • Forming my own personal opinion [09:00]
  • Being able to see both sides of the story [09:59]
  • The most recent Presidential Debate [11:00]
  • We want to crown an overall champion [12:15]
  • We’re emotional when we’re unable to see both perspectives [13:56]
  • Being able to take a step back [15:20]
  • Having an unbiased perspective [15:40]
  • It’s almost a civil duty to protect your children [16:52]
  • Having another individual to take the emotion out of things [19:50]
  • People being shocked that anyone could support either candidate [21:00]
  • We have to put in the time to think about the other side [23:40]
  • Breeding radical viewpoints and perspectives [25:20]
  • Sometimes you don’t have the time to see all sides of the story [27:10]
  • Thinking critically and independently [27:50]
  • Individuals that are able to see both sides and independently come up with their perspective that has sustainability [28:41]
  • You have to practice seeing both sides of the story [29:28]
  • Having preconceived notions [30:17]
  • Finding ways to be multidimensional [31:43]
  • The Mad Max like affect [32:53]
  • The difference between levels in baseball [33:20]

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