Time is All We Have



Success and accomplishment is based upon on how much time you’re willing to put in. What sacrifices we make with our time is the contingency plan with regards to how you succeed.

This episode examines how we’re all afforded the same amount of time each and every day, but how we choose to leverage and exchange it is different for each and everyone of us.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: When was the last time you day dreamed and completely lost track of time? What did you daydream about? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • When you’re younger, you want time to go quickly [02:19]
  • As milestones become less frequent with getting older, you often wish time would slow down [03:11]
  • I’m going to make up sleep [03:35]
  • We live for weekends the older we get [04:55]
  • The difference in perceptions between being younger and being older [05:24]
  • You have all the time in the world [05:45]
  • Each individual has the same amount of time available to them [06:28]
  • The perception that you have more time when you’re younger [07:07]
  • When you’re older, you have less responsibility and more freedom [07:25]
  • Time is more divided when you’re younger [7:53]
  • When you’re going to school you don’t realize how much time it takes up [08:07]
  • Elementary School is one of the most restrictive environments in the schooling system [08:48]
  • Middle School affords you more time because of the consolidation of periods [09:17]
  • School starts even earlier in High School, also ending earlier, giving you more time [09:31]
  • College gives you complete freedom [10:46]
  • The breakdown of time in comparison to being younger versus older [13:30]
  • If you go by the numbers, you have more freedom the older you get [15:09]
  • How we breakdown a day, week, month and year is completely different for each individual and point in our lives [15:40]
  • What’s the best way for us to break down time [16:06]
  • It comes down to sacrifice [16:20]
  • How much time are you willing to sacrifice? [17:02]
  • What are you exchanging your time for? [18:31]
  • The sacrifices and exchange for starting Pause. Think. Consider. [19:49]
  • What is viewed as a fair exchange of time? [20:36]
  • How you exchange your time in relation to what you get is the bottom line [21:05]
  • What professional athletes sacrifice and leverage their time for their goals [21:23]
  • How are you leveraging your time in exchange for your accomplishments [23:36]
  • The years have flown by [23:57]
  • The mindset that years feel like centuries and centuries feel like lifetimes [24:45]
  • The Jerk bit about time [25:50]
  • Time feels like it’s longer than it really is [26:58]
  • The ability to look back on memories at Age 3 [27:47]
  • My brain is just mush [28:40]
  • When you start to forget and you cannot recall memories, that’s when time feels like it’s flying by and needs to slow down [28:45]
  • It’s important to leverage and utilize our memories to help extend time [32:18]
  • Some decisions, while they appear benign in the moment, affect us tomorrow and in the future [33:38]
  • Living in the moment making the best decision you possibly can [34:48]
  • What are we doing on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis to make us the best we possibly can be in exchange for our time? [35:46]
  • Setting up an IRA and leveraging compounding interest [36:59]
  • Finding a balance between long-term and short-term goals with your time [38:46]

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2 responses to “Time is All We Have”

  1. Fran Liebman says:

    While I agree with your statement “time is all we have”, I disagree with your reason why we want it to slow down. It’s not that we’ve forgotten our memories so want it to slow down. It’s because we remember them and realize we are running out of time to acquire many more. I remember the day you were born and all the times between then and now. In another 30 yrs I’ll be 85yrs old. Will I have enough time to experience everything I want to? You realize time goes by very quickly and only want it to slow down so you can enjoy it making new memories. Something you don’t appreciate until you get older.

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