Being An Influencer — Regardless of Your Status


Despite what the social hierarchy and norms say, each and every one of us has the ability to make an impact despite our perceived leadership ability.

This episode examines finding the courage to step forward and be an influencer despite your current level, not losing your focus and going up, or down, to have the impact you want to have.

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Show Notes

  • The concept of influencing despite the level or status you currently are [02:06]
  • You have to have experience in order to get experience [02:26]
  • How do you gain the experience if you’re not given the opportunity? [03:32]
  • It doesn’t matter what level you’re at [04:22]
  • We actively gravitate towards leaders and follow them regardless of their level [04:59]
  • The idea that you you need to be at a specific level to be a leader is complete nonsense [05:48]
  • Taking action is what will give you the experience necessary to lead [06:07]
  • Despite knowing clearly where I fall, the impact I can have is far greater than what I personally perceive [07:08]
  • The consistency, conviction, passion, confidence is what allows others to buy in and create followers [09:30]
  • Those that desire to be a leader, but struggle with their position in the group, can still have an impact [10:04]
  • It starts with physically making the choice, and the courage, to lead [11:02]
  • Socially it’s much more acceptable, and experience much less negativity, by being a follower [12:02]
  • The only way your altruistic visions will come to fruition is by you taking the necessary steps to implement them [12:46]
  • The realization that my local community didn’t have an active leader to improve the entire group [13:24]
  • The struggle of knowing what needs to be done [15:54]
  • Taking the Leap of Faith to initiate the necessary progress  [16:39]
  • The comparison of a Senior ladened team versus a younger team in the NCAA Tournament [17:16]
  • Not being aware of the fact you’re not supposed to be successful [18:18]
  • At times, the experience prevails and other times experience lulls themselves into a false perception [19:11]
  • Someone else should be taking the actions forward, but something needed to be done [20:05]
  • By taking the actions forward, it helps bring others in to help do the work [21:20]
  • It becomes about the message, not the messenger [23:29]
  • Choose to step forward and have the courage regardless of where society says you should fall in place [25:57]
  • Different leadership styles and how to lead [27:27]
  • To have the greatest impact you possibly can have, sometimes you need to go down a level and not be at the top [27:57]
  • The Agency world and the rapid changes that occur between changing to different organizations [28:36]
  • Framing data and statistics to positively showcase your impact based on a timeline [32:15]
  • What impact are you having? [35:10]
  • In order to step forwards, you need to step backwards [35:59]
  • Shifting mentality with a meritocratic organization structure [41:07]
  • Grassroot movements and the impact they can have [44:43]
  • The higher in the organization you rise the more important it is to have a perspective from the bottom up [46:41]
  • We need reminders of what the overall goal is from our circle when we reach to the top to not lose that perspective [49:38]

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