Taking The Leap of Faith



Too often, we let a fear of failure paralyze us to the point of inactivity. Unwilling to take the necessary steps forward and instead completely avoid situations regardless of the benefits we may have.

This episode discusses what prevents us from taking those steps forward and what we can do to take the leap of faith and overcome our fears.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: When was a moment in your life that you had to build up the courage to do something? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • My Parents and Grandparents thought I was going to give myself an ulcer one day [02:10]
  • The story of trying out for the swim team [02:58]
  • One of the scariest moments of my life dealing with the painted pool bottom [04:07]
  • Trying out for the Tigard youth swimming team [10:28]
  • Taking the leap of faith into the pool [21:03]
  • Being paralyzed by fear [22:23]
  • The mantra of not letting the fear paralyzing you [23:58]
  • What is something in your life that paralyzes you with fear? [23:30]
  • You’re not born without fear [27:38]
  • You have to take the steps forward, building up the courage, to physically move forward [28:32]
  • Mentally get yourself in a place where you’re going to take the leap of faith [29:30]
  • Talk through the situation, with someone else, who acts are you support system / cheerleader [30:11]
  • Visualize yourself being successful, not just how the experience may be uncomfortable [30:52]

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