The Seasonality of Moods & Momentum


We’ve all experienced the changes of the seasons and some are affected mentally much more severe than others.

This episode examines how the seasons can affect our momentum and what we can do to stay motivated no matter what time of the year it is.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What time of year do you feel most productive? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • The seasons are changing with momentum and motivation being affected [02:00]
  • With each season it brings on a different mood [03:44]
  • Individuals mindset changes throughout the year [04:17]
  • Momentum snowballs with the changing of the seasons if you let it [04:51]
  • If you’re in a rut, you need to step out or leverage momentum in your favor [06:12]
  • DOTS: Depends on the situation [07:01]
  • An evaluation and look at what occurs during Fall and the pros and cons for starting something in Fall [07:18]
  • Winter and why it’s the toughest time of year to start or gain momentum [11:23]
  • Statistically speaking, individuals experience more depression during winter [12:00]
  • Spring and why this is one of the best months to start new initiatives [15:33]
  • Summer is a tweener month because it can be the most active or least active depending on how you leverage your year [18:22]
  • The best time to start or work on something is now, not a particular time of the year [21:06]
  • The more momentum you have the more challenging the change will be [23:09]
  • There’s always a justification for why not to do something [23:34]
  • What can we do to break the cycle? [24:26]
  • Outside perspectives on motivation and momentum [25:38]
  • Just start, don’t wait [28:14]
  • Starting Pause.Think.Consider [28:25]
  • Leverage the momentum you have once you start [32:05]
  • Ensure you’re continually leavering to keep your momentum at the same level or higher [34:39]

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