You’re Not a Quitter, Are You?


Socially we’ve become incredibly accepting and understanding of individuals that quit and giving second, third, even fourth chances to welcome them back.

This episode examines a few of the beliefs as to why we quit, when it’s ok to quit, when it’s not ok to quit and what we can do to prevent quitting or, in a specific case, prevent a divorce.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: How often do you change direction versus quit? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • Why do we quit? [02:13]
  • An alternative to quitting is by changing direction  [02:49]
  • Quitting versus changing direction [03:06]
  • Quitting is completely cutting off ties [03:13]
  • Changing directions is not necessarily quitting, but rather pivoting and continuing towards the main goal or purpose [03:34]
  • Quitting your company, but staying in the say field is simply changing direction, not actually quitting [04:27]
  • Having a millennium outlook on change of employment [05:13]
  • It’s easier to just start over again [06:45]
  • We’re not comfortable so it’s just easier to start all over again [09:04]
  • Learning to be comfortable when we’re not comfortable [09:12]
  • Sport video games and the restart button [09:19]
  • Rather have everything perfect than to have something setup less than ideal [12:19]
  • We are socially accepting of people that quit and  [12:41]
  • We are mesmerized by people that persevere [12:51]
  • Society loves giving second, third and fourth chances — We love the underdog [12:58]
  • The story of an individual who was a train-wreck and given a second chance despite the obvious screwup [13:18]
  • There’s a perception that it’s in your favor to be a screw up and then building yourself back up  [16:59]
  • When is it ok to quit? [19:01]
  • Quitting is a four-letter word [19:31]
  • It is ok to quit when it is detrimental to your family and personal wellbeing [19:41]
  • Some things we wish we could quit and other things we quit too easily [20:00]
  • You do not have to do everything alone [20:45]
  • When is it not ok to quit? [21:08]
  • Divorce is not ok [21:38]
  • The amazing unique story of Jesse’s grandparents and their relationship [22:04]
  • The story of Jesse’s grandparents and their relationship staying together every day for over 50 years [22:04]
  • Jesse’s parents, how they met and their unique story of taking the ring back and still getting married and together for over 34 years [26:26]
  • Not everything is perfect, not everything is rosy, but you can make it work by being committed to each other [28:57]
  • Divorce seems as common as going to Starbucks [29:42]
  • Divorce almost feels like an expected [29:59]
  • The Prenup [30:14]
  • Marriage should be about love [31:08]
  • Anna Nicole Smith and her marriage to her rich elderly husband [31:15]
  • The individuals that end up getting in divorce, Jesse asks the question, “What did you get married?” [32:00]
  • No one says you have to get married [32:27]
  • Interesting outside thoughts and opinions on divorce and quitting [33:21]
  • Challenge the social and societal pressures when it comes to divorce and quitting [34:32]
  • You do you [34:38]
  • A caveat to You do you is take your god damn time. [34:56]
  • You need to test and vet everything [35:07]
  • Get beyond the lust part of your relationship [36:42]
  • Experience some tough times with your relationship before making it permanent [36:59]
  • There’s always exceptions to the rules [38:58]
  • You need to learn to communicate both listening and talking [40:32]
  • If you talk more than you listen, you’re talking too much [41:37]
  • God gave you two ears and only one mouth [41:51]
  • The sooner that you can talk about something, and get it off your chest, the less venom there will be [42:57]
  • Get your emotions out, get beyond the emotions and then get to the point you’re trying to get to [43:41]
  • Get your emotions out, get beyond the emotions and then get to the point you’re trying to get to [43:41]

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