The Pursuit of Selflessness


Is it possible to be completely selfless or otherwise known as to perform a selfnull act? If not, what can we do to decrease our level of selfishness?

This episode uncovers the concept of being selfless and the two actions we can all take to be more selfless each and every day.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What’s the most selfless act you’ve ever performed? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • The story of the conversation with a former boss about the idea that it is impossible to do anything completely selfless [01:58]
  • There is no act that we do that does not have ulterior motives behind the act [03:21]
  • Is it possible, consciously or subconsciously, to perform an act without a selfish reason [03:45]
  • The closest example towards being completely selfless [04:23]
  • Another word for selfless is altruistic [06:19]
  • Is it possible to be perform a selfnull act? [07:02]
  • It is impossible to have a selfnull act, but is possible to be selfless [08:04]
  • The reason or motive consciously or subconsciously the action is taken [08:40]
  • The joy of being selfless [09:59]
  • Just because we can’t perform a selfnull act, doesn’t mean we can’t be a better person [11:42]
  • Other articles on how to be selfless [12:13]
  • Make a concerted concentrated effort to think about how your actions affect others to the point that’s just short of resentment [13:21]
  • When there is no boundary, too selfless, individuals end up resenting other individuals because they care so much more than other individuals [14:40]
  • Perhaps you need to surround yourself with more selfless individuals [15:28]
  • If we are going to the point of resentment, how effective are we being with our selfless act? [16:15]
  • Take the time to thing about how your actions affect others [17:00]
  • Creating the daily habit of doing one thing, each and everyday, that is as selfless as possible without leveraging it for the use of self promotion [18:07]
  • Examples of selfless acts you can perform on a daily basis [18:43]
  • Personally, Jesse talks about not wanting any recognition for selfless acts [21:04]
  • Story about a kid trying to cross the crosswalk to go home with no cars stopping for him [22:06]
  • The key to making something selfless is by doing something without consciously doing it for self promotion [23:52]

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