#Squad: Who’s in Your Crew?


As products of our environment, we’re all in control of who we choose to surround ourselves with. While early on in our lives, we may not have much of a choice, the power is in our hands to create a #squad that enables us to be the best that we can possibly be.

This episode explores the concept of a #squad and how we can ensure we’re always progressing no matter what your interests are or how many times they change.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What does your #squad look like right now? What do you want it to look like? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • The hashtag #Squad movement and what is it [02:00]
  • Interesting articles that relate to #Squad [03:56]
  • We’re all products of our environment [05:51]
  • How our school environment has an impact and shapes us early on in life [07:29]
  • The concept of surrounding yourself with the right individuals [08:21]
  • The bullying that Jesse experienced growing up [08:51]
  • How Jesse surrounded himself by the right individuals to eliminate bullying [09:49]
  • We gravitate towards other people that are just like you [10:42]
  • You’re the GM of your #squad and who you surround yourself with [11:22]
  • The befriending of mammoth mammals during Middle School led to the intimidation of bullies [11:29]
  • Seeking any and everyone on my team to ensure the circle was as large as possible to prevent bullying [13:50]
  • Activity groups have a tremendous impact on who is a part of your circle [14:30]
  • Sports teams were another huge influence on Jesse’s circle growing up [14:39]
  • The music department was another large part of the circle Jesse built [16:05]
  • The Japanese National Honor Society and how it was complete different from the jock and music circles [17:59]
  • The mishmash of all the different influences growing up and provided perspective [18:29]
  • Your friend group is another influence group [19:11]
  • How the show Entourage was pre-#squad and harnessed the meaning [19:25]
  • What the makeup of Jesse’s friend group is and the different backgrounds they have [20:33]
  • Work serves as your continuing education of being a part of a group [21:16]
  • Developing your network/rolodex and leveraging LinkedIn as your digital representation [22:48]
  • How do you leverage all of your circles to help create your environment [25:39]
  • Performing an audit or SWOT analysis of yourself to determine who and what you are so you know what you need [26:27]
  • You need to go find the missing pieces to develop your #Squad [29:27]
  • No one is going to advocate as much for you as you do for yourself [30:29]
  • Determine what you’re good and and not good at and figure out what you need to do it [31:29]
  • Surrounding yourself with people to help get yourself off your ass and inspire yourself [32:07]
  • The hardest thing to do once you have you have your #squad setup [34:26]
  • The comfortability and settling we do within our relationships [36:46]
  • If you aint getting paid, or getting laid, get out [37:58]
  • Constantly nurturing your #squad and purge it when necessary [39:15]

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