If You’re Lazy & You Know It Clap Your Hands


We’re not born lazy or with a work ethic — Instead we’re net neutral allowing us to go one way or another.

We’re all products of our environment which helps instill those habits that we carry on throughout life. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your work ethic or decrease your laziness.

This episode help examine the reason you might have a habit of being lazy and the three things we can do to change our habits.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What type of family did you come from, blue collar or white collar? Please let me know in the comments.

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Show Notes

  • We’re not born with a work ethic [02:22]
  • Interesting articles shared on being lazy [02:58]
  • Why being lazy has always been a thrown in my side [04:03]
  • When I was growing up I always through that we were poor [11:08]
  • We chose to live in a certain manner with different priorities and ensure I was never given anything  [12:24]
  • The story of my Father and the work ethic and discipline he has instilled in me  [13:12]
  • You’re not born as lazy or with a work ethic — We’re all products of our environment  [16:55]
  • Gary Vaynerchuk and his discipline and work ethic as a result of his family culture [18:52]
  • Immigrants are successful, based on their on goals, because they refuse to let their family fail [19:39]
  • The local Co-op, Our Table, and the practices that they take to be successful as an Organic farm [20:27]
  • The discipline instilled by individuals that go through the military [22:02]
  • Donald Trump and the perception as a 1%’er he was given everything to him in life without having to work [24:02]
  • Being successful isn’t a problem, but don’t flaunt it [25:15]
  • Malia Obama and her decision to go to Harvard [26:22]
  • Living in the shadows of a previously successful family member and making a name for themselves [27:19]
  • The Slight Edge concept [28:30]
  • The three things that you can do to help change your habits from being lazy to having a work ethic [30:53]
  • Make priorities while you understand and accept that you can’t do anything [31:06]
  • Finding and determining your focus [33:08]
  • You have to make priorities in life [33:44]
  • You have to setup accountability channels to ensure you follow through [37:07]
  • Why personal trainers and life coaches are successful [39:24]
  • You have to stay the course and accept that you will be uncomfortable [41:35]
  • The example of Biggest Loser and how the contestants showcase staying the course [44:11]
  • You have to stay the course and accept that you will be uncomfortable [41:35]

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