Self Awareness

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Self Awareness…

Some people have more of it than others, but what are the real driving factors that inhibit or allow for having self awareness?

This episode examines examples of driving and common courtesies to help determine your level of self awareness. By going through the self awareness discovery exercise it will allow you to have a better understanding of who you are, what you’re about and how that can be attributed to helping yourself and others.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What is your Top 10 things to know about you? Please let me know in the comments.

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Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes

  • The definition of informal awareness [03:22]
  • What is social awareness  [03:53]
  • How group-structural awareness is defined [04:15]
  • What workplace awareness is [04:32]
  • Self awareness = consciousness [05:30]
  • What driving awareness showcases from a self awareness standpoint [06:52]
  • Jesse’s driver’s education story to help showcase level of awareness [08:15]
  • Car accidents Jesse’s had over the years [12:41]
  • Losing awareness while driving attributes a large percentage to driving accidents and fatalities [16:58]
  • Discussion around the lost art of common courtesies [18:32]
  • Holding the door open for someone as a way to be courteous towards everyone [19:05]
  • Saying please and thank you to anyone for anything [19:34]
  • Is it really all about you or are things a level playing ground? [20:31]
  • The unintentional asshole syndrome [21:21]
  • Taking the time for self reflection to see where you are at [22:03]
  • The link between marriage and a lack of shown appreciation resulting in a higher percentage of divorce [22:42]
  • Every single one of us can be a pain in the ass [23:21]
  • How can you really say that you’re low maintenance? [23:40]
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile to be found by job recruiters [25:15]
  • The self awareness discovery exercise format [27:31]
  • Jesse’s Top 10 things you should know about him [28:32]
  • Having the ability to ‘read a book by its cover’ through having your Top 10 Things to Know about You list [31:52]

Jesse’s Example for The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Him

  1. 7+ years as a jack-of-all trades Digital Marketer with experience in Email Marketing, Paid Search Advertising, Social Media Advertising, A/B Testing and Content Creation.
  2. My focus is on group accomplishments and the betterment of the collective team rather than individual accolades.
  3. I thrive in environments that have an established on-boarding framework — I’m a fast learner and once I have the initial processes down, I’m incredibly self sufficient.
  4. I’m primarily soft-spoken unless I know my thoughts or opinions are genuinely appreciated.
  5. I enjoy having the ability to create long term plans and visions.
  6. I’m careful about giving my word — When I give it, I keep it.
  7. Business ethics should reflect morale ethics.
  8. I value efficiency in myself and in my workplace.
  9. I pride myself in automating as much as possible to take on, and learn, as many new tasks as possible.
  10. Literally — Runs the extra mile (