The Pendulum Effect

It’s finally here…

What’s been a blur of a two-week period time has culminated with the launch and now first episode of the podcast project Pause. Think. Consider.

Roughly the first 30 minutes of this episode is about the inspirations for the project and how it got started and the final 30 minutes is about the concept of the Pendulum Effect.

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What was your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Please let me know in the comments.

Scroll below for links and show notes…

Selected Links from the Episode

Show Notes

  • How Greg Day had an impact with the creation of Pause. Think. Consider. [06:44]
  • The Extra Pack of Peanuts and Travis Sherry, the first podcast I’ve discovered [08:54]
  • The discovery of Travel Hacking and its impact [9:45]
  • How Chip Conrad acts as an inspiration [13:10]
  • Lemonade Day and what it does for the community [13:20]
  • The weekday inspiration from Chip’s Vlog [14:45]
  • Tim Ferriss and his journey as an entrepreneur with Four Hour Work Week [19:35]
  • The podcast that Tim Ferriss started and its success [20:11]
  • Gary Vaynerchuk’s impact on the mindset for starting Pause. Think. Consider. [22:55]
  • The line — “Stop doing stupid shit” [23:45]
  • Holding yourself accountable and putting yourself out there [26:24]
  • Jean Dahlquist’s impact and the Peanut Butter Builder Girl blog [28:25]
  • Harnessing the art of talking and ranting [31:24]
  • Taking the time on a daily basis to think about what’s going on [32:34]
  • Optimizing and being better [33:42]
  • The pendulum effect definition [36:42]
  • How Instacart is becoming the Uber of shopping [38:06]
  • Uber and driver’s success based on customer service [42:24]
  • Salt & Straw and the customer service experience they provide to make them great ice cream [43:46]
  • Amazon Prime and the affect they are having on automation to make things more convenient  [47:14]
  • Food prevalence and how Costco is impact speed and quantity [49:42]
  • Claim Jumper providing large portions at a quick rate [51:31]
  • The impact Winco had on my family for food shopping [54:21]
  • The Our Table Organic Farm impact [56:26]
  • Calculators and how they have impacted students [59:36]
  • Take the time to Pause. Think. Consider. the impact of the pendulum effect [1:02:00]

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